Whether you’re driving to work, bringing the kids to school or just driving around you need to outfit your vehicle with right choice of tires.  You need a good dependable tire for our climate and this is where we can service you in yet another area for your vehicle.  We strive to have top rated tires yet at a very affordable budget.  From our robotic tire changer to our laser assisted tire balancer we have outfitted our tire department with the best quality equipment from Hunter Engineering.

Our Revolution Tire Changer is fully robotic and uses advanced touch sensors to mount and dismount tires and is currently the only tire changer equipment in Curaçao that will not touch your rims in our tire changing process, providing 100% damage free tire mounting, and when it comes to balancing tires we use the Hunter Roadforce GSP9700 with laser assist, this ensures the most precise balance possible and on request can mimic road conditions to diagnose ride quality problems.

Inquire about our attractive tire service packages or bring your own tires to have them professionally mounted and balanced without leaving a mark on your rims.  Our staff is here to assist you so you can have the best tires on your vehicle. Get more out of them and how to take care of them.