The difference is in the manufacturing

Manufacturing quality radiators is no easy task, it takes experience, the right equipment and the best materials possible.

We have been doing this since 1983, using the best materials available and a highly trained and experienced staff.

The material we use to manufacture radiators is carefully chosen to meet our demands for a high quality product. Small details can make a big impact when manufacturing a high quality product, a good example of this is our fin material we import, we use thicker fin material this ensures a durable radiator that can withstand most harsh environments, this is especially useful in heavy duty applications such as generators or industrial applications .

Tube count and type also makes a big difference, in manufacturing, it is important to ensure proper coolant volume to the engine as to not cause overheating issues, which can result in costly repairs.

We recently acquired brand new machinery to manufacture our new high performance compact high volume radiators, by altering tube-spacing and fin height, we are able to increase coolant volume in the same space of the old type radiator.

  • Partnership¬† Since 2005 Mickys has partnered up with Reach Cooling Group, as an official distributor to reach we can provide our customers with high quality aluminum radiators.Because we are an official distributor, we have the largest and most comprehensive stock on the island and can offer the most competitive pricing on the market.All Reach products are manufactured under the stringent ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 certifications to ensure the highest quality standards that our customers deserve.And as a result, our radiators meet or exceed OEM quality. We also specialize in hard to get radiators, Asian, Korean, J.D.M radiators. And with a fill rate of 98% you can rest assured we have the right radiator in stock for your vehicle.