The one thing we’re most known for being mufflers and here at Mickys we know mufflers.

We’ve been in the muffler industry for close to 30 years Having amassed a huge amount of experience in this field, we have become the premier destination for any muffler/exhaust problem, not just for cars, but also industrial equipment.

With exhaust parts readily available in stock, we can tackle any job easily and quickly, with most car repairs taking around 30 minutes on average. Mufflers, resonators, flexible pipes, catalytic
converters, gaskets, these are all typical problems we deal with everyday and are readily available in stock.


Heavy equipment also is not a problem, our shop can handle most heavy duty exhaust and as always parts are readily available in stock, ensuring your vehicle is back on the road as quickly as possible.

The one thing we here at Mickys understand well is downtime , while we are not only the largest muffler shop on the island we are undoubtedly the fastest, typical downtime for a truck/crane/heavy equipment, is around half to a full day.


Some cases there are mufflers that are hard to find, either the manufacturer does not exist anymore or they have discontinued a specific model, for these cases we can custom make almost any muffler, doing this from scratch with 1.5mm galvanized steel for the shell and matching internals with roving fiberglass we can guarantee quality and durability that meets or exceeds O.E.M! Call us, or stop by for a free exhaust inspection.