Computer Alignment.

Mickys was the first to introduce computer alignment to Curacao Using infrared technology, we were able to provide our customers with the most precise alignment possible.

Now fast forward some years and we are doing it again, Breaking new ground using the newest and most advanced equipment possible, the Hawkeye series from hunter, we’re revolutionizing the alignment industry once again.

Using the latest Digital imaging system, we are able to provide our customers alignments with pin point precision.

Our new alignment software uses high speed internet protocols to download your vehicle’s specifications this way we can assure you’re getting the latest up to date information for your vehicle.

Another advantage using our new state of the art equipment is the sensors we use typically when doing alignments sensors have to clamp the customers’ rims, our new sensors never touch the vehicle’s rims, and this way there is a minimal chance to scratch or nick the rim.

Once the sensors are in place the system then uses high tech, top of the line high definition digital optics to get accurate measurements ,up to 0.00 deg for pinpoint precision . A new feature on newer vehicles is the S.A.S. (Steering.Angle.Sensor) which helps the vehicle’s computer know in what position the steering wheel is in at all times To do a proper alignment on these vehicles, the S.A.S. needs to be reset The code link S.A.S. resetting tool and advanced software allows us to do this within the alignment procedure, ensuring a complete and perfect aligned vehicle every time

Suspension Checkups

Whether you’re buying a used car or you just want to inspect your vehicle’s suspension we now offer suspension checkups

– The areas we look for trouble are: 
– Bushings
– Ball joints
– Tie rod ends
– Collision (if the vehicle has been in a collision, or if the repair was done properly)
– Control arm bushings
– Shocks
– Wheel bearing play
– Differential shift Bend/broken/worn parts

If you’re in the market to buy a used car, but are not sure, come in ….we’ll check it out !